2. ET-HOME members in Antarctica

Steven Goderis (VUB) and Matthias Van Ginneken (ULB) have arrived in Antarctica. Steven and Matthias will look for micrometeorites (meteorites of less than 2 mm size) around the Belgian station in the frame of the BELAM project. The BELAM project team members will climb the Sør Rondane Mountains, near the Belgian Princess Elisabeth station in Antarctica to collect micrometeorites preserved in cracks and fractures within the rocks exposed at the summits. Every new meteorite that comes to us from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, carries new information to understand the formation of the solar system and the birth and evolution of planets. However, another important component of the flux of extraterrestrial material that reaches the Earth (40,000 tons/year) is represented by very small dust-sized particles (<2 mm), called micrometeorites. These micrometeorites reaching the laboratories of the VUB-ULB team are key to understand the current and past composition of the solar system, as they can sample planetary bodies that are different from those represented by the classic larger meteorites.

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1. Kick-off meeting of ET-HOME

On January 26 there was a kick-off at ULB where we discussed and were happy to meet and find each others again!